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General description

The University of Montreal is now a member of eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing).You are from University of Montreal and you are planning to visit Mcgill University. If you need wireless access, you will no longer need a guest account from the campus you are visiting.You simply use eduroam. Once set at your home institution, it will work at any other eduroam member campus.

What is Eduroam

"Eduroam" is an authentication service allowing students, staff, researchers and faculty to securely access wireless services at participating higher education institutions across Canada and around the world, without the need for obtaining a guest account. It allows University of Montreal users’ visiting another institution to log-in using the same credentials they would on their own campus.

How much does is cost / Who can on it

This system is free of charge and is accessible to all the users of University of Montreal such as researchers, teachers, students and other staff.

How to get access to Eduroam and is it safe

You need a laptop or other device with a WiFi card that supports the common wireless protocols, 802.11a/b/g/n. The laptop needs to be setup up to use the eduroam SSID which can be found on every participating eduroam campus. The laptop also needs to support 802.1X security technology by using the same credentials they would use at their home institution. Futhermore connecting through eduroam provides basic network connectivity for web browsing (HTTP), secure shell (SSH) and VPN access.

Where / When can be use

It will work at any moment in any other eduroam member campus.

Eduroam Canada Home Page

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